Our Programs


Our curriculums address the needs of the whole child with the school’s overall goal to provide a quality learning experience enhancing the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of the young child. Elements of our curriculums include positive self-concepts, self-control, manners, cognitive and perceptual skills, independence and interdependence, music and art activities, large and small motor skill activities and imaginative play. To find out more about our programs, download our 2021-2022 program brochure.



Twos Together

Twos Together is a “first experience” preschool program. Children follow a daily routine which includes Free Play, Cleanup Time, Music, Bathroom, Snack, Story Time, Quiet Time and Playground or Gym Time. Throughout the school year, children adjust to separation from their primary caregiver for a few hours a week, learn how to interact with other children, practice sharing and taking turns and are exposed to developmentally appropriate activities. Children complete projects based on monthly themes such as colors, thankfulness, God’s love for us, sharing, kindness and the new life of Spring. Children who are 2 by March 31st before school starts in September are eligible for the Twos Together program. (Some children with later birthdays are accepted into the program after Open Registration if spaces are available).


During the first weeks of school, children in the Threes are introduced to school rules and routines of the classroom as they get to know the other children in their class. Children complete projects reflecting the themes of the month such as Getting to Know You, Farm Animals and March into Spring. The Threes classes enjoy Music once a week starting the second week of school. Parents are invited to a variety of special programs including a Thanksgiving feast, a Christmas Play and a Noah’s Ark play. Children enjoy Bible stories and Christian themes throughout the school year. Children who are three by September 30th of the current school year qualify for the Threes program.


The Fours begin to identify letters with the introduction of the “Letter of the Week.” Children continue to practice writing their names and practice writing the letters of the alphabet. In addition, language development is an integral part of the program. Children have opportunities to express themselves during Circle Time each day and while participating one-on-one with a teacher when completing a daily project. The children also present programs for parents, giving them opportunities to speak and sing in front of a group. We also celebrate holidays which occur throughout the school year and include activities relevant to those holidays. Curriculum includes a variety of interesting units such as Transportation, Community, Nutrition, Dinosaurs, Farm Life and Pets. Character development and preparation for Kindergarten are important parts of the learning experience in the fours classes. Children who are four by September 30th of the current school year qualify for our Fours program.


Pre-K consists of a variety of age-appropriate activities which address the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs of the young child at this developmental level. There is a strong academic component to the program with an emphasis on skills development. Children enjoy visits to the local library, a variety of field trips, a weekly music class, character enrichment and motors skills activities on the playground or in the gym. Language development curriculum includes letter recognition, learning centers, one-on-one projects with the teacher, stories and opportunities to share with the class during Show and Tell and Circle Time. The Pre-K program is designed for children who have their fifth birthday in the summer or fall months.


Afternoon Enrichment

We offer a variety of STEM based enrichment programs in the afternoon to our enrolled students. These classes are designed to enhance classroom learning and also extend this learning into new and exciting dimensions in Science, Engineering and the Arts.

Enrichment classes meet from 1:00pm-2:30 pm every day. Mixed age classes are offered for 3, 4 and 5 year olds. Extend your child’s day with these fun and educational classes!



The Kindergarten program seeks to promote well-rounded learners through the instruction of academic material coupled with the fostering of Christian values. The following is a general outline of methods and content to be implemented in the kindergarten classroom.


Direct instruction in phonics will be combined with meaningful reading experiences in a literature-rich environment. Initial experiences with the writing process will be gained through group activities, teacher modeling and journal writing.


Developmentally appropriate materials will be used throughout mathematical instruction. An emphasis will be placed on the use of manipulatives to develop conceptual understanding in the areas of number sense, counting, reading/writing numbers, geometry, data collection, equivalence and estimation.

Social Studies

Units will focus on the student’s understanding of him/herself in relation to family, school, community, nation and the world at large.


Observation and inquiry skills will be developed through the study of topics such as seasonal changes, the senses and living things. Simple experimentation will expose students to the realm of physical science and chemistry.

Character Education

Virtues such as honesty and respect for self and others will be taught in tandem with skills for conflict resolution. These virtues and skills will, of course, be encouraged across the curriculum.
Children who are 5 years old by September 30 are eligible to enroll.