As much as we have to say about how outstanding our school is, sometimes hearing it from some of the parents who have been a part of our family paints a picture that we could not. You can find some of their thoughts below.

mark3 I am so happy to be back as a parent at NPPC Preschool for the third time around! It is so wonderful to walk into the beautiful school building and be met by smiling and welcoming faces. The excellent faculty and staff create a true community atmosphere and have provided my children with a warm, loving, Christ-centered environment in which to learn.  At NPPC Preschool my children have enjoyed fun learning activities, playing with friends, helping others, and expressing their thanks and gratitude to God. All of my children have loved sharing what they have learned and the projects they have made with our whole family. I am so grateful for the dedication of the teachers at NPPC Preschool and for the peace of knowing my children have been given a beautiful introduction to school.

Lauren R.

 NPPC  Preschool and Kindergarten has been such a positive first school experience for our young children. It has exceeded our expectations in all areas, and we are grateful for the nurturing teachers and rich learning environment.  Each teacher and assistant teacher we have had the privilege of entrusting our children to has truly been a blessing. They have touched our kids’ hearts and have instilled the invaluable, life-long gift of a love for learning. When we walk down the brightly colored halls, adorned with student work and artwork, and peer into the classrooms, we notice every teacher emits a love for her students and her profession. These women know young boys and girls, and they know how they best learn and thrive. We hear kind and encouraging words, and see children that are happy to be at school.  Thank you, NPPC Nursery School and Kindergarten for giving our children the BEST start!

Callen and John B.

mark3 New Providence Presbyterian Church Preschool was the ideal first introduction to school for all 4 of my daughters. Each compassionate teacher was able to strike that perfect balance of structure & routine while maintaining a loving & nurturing classroom environment. My children benefited from their teachers consistently modeling how to respect & demonstrate patience for others on a daily basis through classroom activities. Religion played an equally important role in the program. With an age appropriate approach, the girls learned about unconditional love through readings & even the adorable holiday performances. This program set the tone for a love of school & learning. Thank you to all of loving staff members for sharing your gifts with my children!

Andrea G.

mark3 Within the past 10 years, all 4 of our children have attended the Preschool at PCNP, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the experiences they have had during their time there. It is exactly what we hoped preschool would be – nurturing, enriching, and fun. The teaching staff and support are genuine, experienced, and truly care about every child that walks through their doors!

The R Family

mark3 The environment and education at New Providence Presbyterian, in my option, are unmatched. Every teacher, throughout the entire program, is warm and caring and shows love and patience that is hard to find elsewhere. The balance of education, religion, fun and love is perfect in every classroom. Truly, the most wonderful school environment around!

Sharon I.

mark3 To say that the community at New Providence Presbyterian Church is special to my family is an extreme understatement. My husband and I met in “Sunday School” there and went through all the youth programs together. NPPC Preschool was my very first school experience starting with 2’s Together and finishing with 4’s. All 4 of my siblings also attended the preschool and we all have such fond (albeit distant) memories of our time there. We are still members of the church and when it came to starting our eldest son in preschool it was a “no-brainer”. We knew what a warm, inviting, and loving experience he would have at NPPC. We were right. We were blown away by the easy-going and gentle atmosphere that the teachers provide for their students. He would beg us to go to school on non-school days and he would leave the classroom happy and excited each time we picked him up. It is very apparent that NPPC is a Christ-centered school and the teachers work hard to instill those Christian values in their students. As parents there is nothing more important to us than our kids learning about how valuable they are in Christ’s eyes, and NPPC does that so well. It really is a special place that I would wholeheartedly recommend to all parents in the area.

Joanna F.